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The BBC Bridge companion with the Bridge Builder cartridge inserted.



Andrew Kambites was a programmer for the BBC Bridge Companion, and also programed the otherwise unrelated handheld Saitek Pro Bridge Professor.[1]

The BBC Bridge companion was released in 1985 at a cost of 199.99 British pounds.[2][3]



The BBC Bridge player uses a Z80A CPU and a TMS9129NL graphics chip.[2] The system could output 8 colors and had spartan audio capabilities.[4]

The system has 16 kilobytes of RAM.[2]

Game library


Various bridge themed cartridges were released for the system.

  • Advanced Bidding[5]
  • Advanced Defence[5]
  • Bridge Builder[5]
  • Club Play 1[5]
  • Club Play 2[5]
  • Club Play 3[5]
  • Conventions 1[5]
  • Duplicate 1[5]
  • Master Play 1[5]



The BBC Bridge Companion is similar to the later Koei PasoGo, which was another cartridge based system which focused on a singular traditional game. Unlike the BBC Bridge Companion, the PasoGo was a handheld console, and focused on the game of Go.

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