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History edit

APF was based in Queens, New York City.

Background edit

Before making the APF TV Fun, APF made consumer electronics like calculators.[1]

Launch edit

The APF TV Fun model 401 was released in 1976 for $125.[2][3] The system sold very well with 400,000 first year sales,[4] and lead APF to make more game consoles.[3]

In February 1977, the TV Fun Model 405 was launched.[5]

Legacy edit

The APF-MP1000 followed the system, featuring much better capabilities and design.

Technology edit

Casing tended to be shared between models of APF TV Fun.[6] Systems were manufactured in Japan.[7]

401 edit

The APF model 401 uses a General Instrument AY-3-8500 chip, and takes 6 C type batteries.[2][3] A CD4071 chip handles video output on the APF model 401.[8]

402 edit

The 402 also uses a General Instrument AY-3-8500 chip but has an additional General Instrument AY-3-8515 chip to add color graphics capability to the system.[9]

Notable games edit

  • Handball[3]
  • Squash[3]
  • Baseball
  • Hockey[3]
  • Soccer

The APF TV Fun 402 supported two light gun games.[9]

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