History of Western Theatre: 17th Century to Now

Comedy and tragedy
Comedy and tragedy
History of Western Theatre
17th Century to Now

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17th century English

From the Elizabethan period, English theatre developed to Jacobean and Caroline styles, offering in general more cynical tragedies and darker comedies. Restoration theatre emphasized the satiric to the detriment of romantic comedy, unlike Shakespeare who featured both aspects.

17th century French

17th century Spanish

18th century English

18th century French

18th century Spanish

18th century Italian

18th century German

18th century Scandinavian

19th century English

19th century French

19th century Spanish

19th century Italian

19th century German

19th century Russian

19th century Scandinavian

19th century American

20th century English

20th century French

20th century Spanish

20th century Latin American

20th century Italian

20th century German

20th century Russian

20th century Scandinavian

20th century East European

20th century American

20th century Canadian

21st century English

21st century French

21st century Spanish

21st century Latin American

21st century Italian

21st century German

21st century Russian

21st century Scandinavian

21st century East European

21st century American

21st century Canadian

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