Handbook of Management Scales/Intelligence dissemination

Intelligence dissemination (alpha = 0.75) Edit

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In order to improve operationalization and psychometric properties, a market orientation scale (MARKOR) taken from Kohli et al. (1993) is modified. The resulting market orientation scale (MO) has three dimensions: intelligence generation, intelligence dissemination, and responsiveness.

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  • Marketing personnel in our business unit spend time discussing customers' future needs with other functional departments.
  • Our business unit periodically circulates documents (e.g., reports, newsletters) that provide information on our customers.
  • We have cross-functional meetings very often to discuss market trends and developments (e.g., customers, competition, suppliers).
  • We regularly have interdepartmental meetings to update our knowledge of regulatory requirements.
  • Technical people in the business unit spend a lot of time sharing information about technology for new products with other departments.
  • Market information spreads quickly through all levels in this business unit.

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