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HSC Extension 1 and 2 Mathematics

This is a book about the Australian extension mathematics syllabi, in particular the New South Wales course (Extension 2), though most other states' courses are very similar. The book aims to be useful as a revision guide for students doing the course, but it may also be of interest to others. It is assumed that the reader has done at least up to Year 10 mathematics.


Course OutlineEdit

2-Unit course (assumed knowledge for 3/4-Unit)Edit

This book might not cover the 2-Unit course in any depth because this book is supposed to focus on extension maths, so it is assumed that the reader grasps the basic concepts required in the beginnings of the 3-Unit course. But feel free to add as much detail as you want to this section. If you are using this book and find that an explanation is unclear then you can always try wikipedia, and rewrite the explanation to make more sense.



3-Unit courseEdit



4-Unit courseEdit