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Oh, Susanna


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Stephen Foster

Stephen Collins Foster (*1826 - †1864) was the most famous songwriter in the USA at the time. Many of his songs are still well-known 150 years after they were written. The song "Oh Susanna" is Stephen Foster's biggest hit.

Oh, Susanna

Gitarre Ukulele (gcea) Ukulele (adf#h)

I[G]came from Alabama, with my banjo on my[D]knee,
I'm[G]going to Louisiana, my[D]true love[']for to[G]see;
It[G]rain'd all night the day I left, the weather it was[D]dry,
The[G]sun so hot, I froze to death, Su-[D]sanna[']don't you[G]cry.
O-[C]-oh! Susanna, oh[G]don't you cry for[D]me,
I've[G]come from Alabama with my[D]banjo[']on my[G]knee.
I[G]had a dream the other night when every thing was[D]still,
I[G]thought I saw Susanna a[D]coming[']down the[G]hill;
The[G]buck-wheat cake was in her mouth, the tear was in her[D]eye;
Says[G]I, "I'm coming from the South. Oh, Su-[D]sanna[']don't you[G]cry."
I[G]soon will be in New Orleans, and then I'll look[D]around,
And[G]when I find Susanna, I will[D]fall up-[']on the[G]ground.
And[G]if I do not find her,
this darkey'll surely[D]die,
And[G]when I'm dead and buried.
Oh, Su-[(][G]sanna,[D][)]don't you[G]cry.

After you have completed the fifth lesson, you can also use the D a little later by means of a "quick chord change".

Accompanying proposal



These chords and rhythm have been simplified for beginners. The D major chord is played a little earlier than necessary in the simplified version, which makes the accompaniment easier.

The song sounds better (in my opinion) if you play D major half a bar later. For this you need a quick chord change which is described in lesson 5 of the campfire diploma. The "later" version of the D major chord is marked with an apostrophe.