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Banks of the Ohio


Folksong – arranged by Mjchael  

Verse 1
I asked my[G]love to take a[D]walk
Just to[D7]walk a little[G]way
As we walked along we[C]talked
All about[G]our[D]wedding[G]day
And only[G]say that you'll be[D]mine
And our[D7]home will happy[G]be
Down beside where the waters[C]flow
Down on the[G]banks of the[D]Ohio[G]
Verse 2
I took her[G]by her lily white[D]hand
Led her[D7]down where the waters[G]stand
There I pushed her in to[C]drown
And watched[G]as she[D]floated[G]down
Verse 3
I started[G]home tween twelve and[D]one
I cried, "My[D7]God, what have I[G]done."
I murdered the only woman I[C]loved
Because she[G]would not[D]marry[G]me.
Verse 4
The very next[G]morning about half-past[D]four
the sheriff came knocking on my[G]door
He said, "Young man, come with me and[C]go
Down to the[G]banks of the[D]Ohio.[G]"