Guide to X11/Window Managers/olvwm

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The OPEN LOOK Virtual Window ManagerEdit

olvwm Desktop

The olvwm window manager is an extension of olwm which adds a virtual root window with dimensions greater than those of the video display. Created by Scott Oaks, it is based on release 3.2 of Sun's olwm window manager. olvwm works on any X11R5 or X11R6 system. 


The current release of olvwm is version 4.5. The Version 4.5 source code was made available publicly on September 22, 2003.


Features of the olvwm window manager are identical to olwm with the addition of virtual windows:

  • Virtual Desktop Manager allows windows to be dragged and dropped to any Workspace. The number of Workspaces is configurable.
  • Ability to switch and click-into a Workspace
  • "Sticky" windows
  • Uses the OPEN LOOK User Interface
  • Requires the OPEN LOOK libraries
  • Windows can be automatically started and positioned when the window manager starts, using the config file
  • "Focus follows mouse"
  • Specify no, or minimal, window borders
  • Customizable colors

see "Olvwm Features"

Using olvwmEdit

olvwm uses a single titlebutton on the left which iconified the window. Clicking button 1 (normally the left mouse button) on the titlebar raised the window to the top of the window stack; button 2 (the middle button) moved the window; and button 3 (normally the right button) brought up a menu (usually of operations to be performed on the window).

Configuring olvwmEdit

see "Configuring olvwm"