Guide to X11/Window Managers/olwm

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OPEN LOOK Window ManagerEdit

Open Windows using olwm.

The OPEN LOOK Window Manager was the default Window Manager for OpenWindows, the desktop environment included with SunOS and Solaris. It is a moderately configurable, stacking window manager and is the only Window Manager that implements all of OPEN LOOK's features.



Features of the olwm window manager include:

Using olwmEdit

olwm used a single titlebutton on the left which iconified the window. Clicking button 1 (normally the left mouse button) on the titlebar raised the window to the top of the window stack; button 2 (the middle button) moved the window; and button 3 (normally the right button) brought up a menu (usually of operations to be performed on the window).

Configuring olwmEdit