Links on using Unix-like operating systems follow.

General links:

Links to man pages:

Links to Unix specifications:

Links to operating system documentation home pages other than man pages:

Links to operating system wikis:

Links to source code:

  • linux, – Linux kernel
  • coreutils, – mirror of GNU Coreutils (echo, date, sort, etc.), usually used in Linux distributions
  • darwin-xnu, – Darwin XNU kernel of macOS
  • Source Browser, – including the kernel XNU, shell_cmds (echo, date, sh, etc.), awk, yacc, X11 and many more
  • freebsd-src, – read-only mirror of FreeBSD
  • openbsd/src, – mirror of the official CVS repository of OpenBSD
  • NetBSD/src, – mirror of the official CVS repository of NetBSD
  • kofemann/opensolaris, – source code of the discontinued OpenSolaris
  • solaris-userland, – userland utilities of Solaris operating system
  • The Unix Tree, – the source code of old versions of Unix