Guide to The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of the Hobbit - Roast Mutton


Biblo wakes up late after the visit by Gandalf. He is surprised and relieved that the dwarves have left. He is eating breakfast when Gandalf comes and takes him to Green Dragon Inn, where the dwarves are waiting for him. They start. By the time dusk approaches, the whole company is tired, hungry, ready to camp, and annoyed at Gandalf’s mysterious disappearance earlier in the day.

Suddenly, they see fires in the distance. Bilbo is sent forward as his official role of Burglar. He goes forward and sees a clearing. Three trolls are sitting around a fire, eating a mutton. He tries to steal one of the trolls' money purse but they hear and catch him. Despite being dull-witted, they will eat anything and discuss what to do.

The commotion attracts the dwarves, who come to the clearing one at a time. The trolls stop fighting just long enough to hide in the trees and throw a sack over each approaching dwarf. Soon, they have everyone tied up except Bilbo, whom they’ve forgotten. The trolls decide to cook the dwarves immediately, but then a voice, which sounds like one of the trolls, starts an argument, and the three trolls start fighting again. The argument continues until morning. When sunlight strikes them, they freeze - sunlight turns trolls into stone.

Gandalf then steps triumphantly into the clearing. He had been throwing his voice to mislead the dwarves and to keep the trolls arguing until morning. He and Bilbo release the dwarves, who are shaken but otherwise unharmed. Searching nearby, they find the trolls’ cave and a number of well-wrought weapons, which they take as payment for their pains.


The company faces the first real challenge to their journey. This would indicate that the further they go, the more challenging the obstacles get.


  1. How did Bilbo react to the dwarves not being there when he woke up?
  2. How did Bilbo get caught by the trolls?
  3. What did they find in the troll cave? What did they do with what they found?
  4. What were the trolls arguing about when Bilbo arrived?
  5. What kept the trolls arguing until dawn?


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Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Bilbo goes to the trolls when their ponies are taken. Fíli and Kíli force him into it and leave him behind. Bilbo tries to steal a knife from the Trolls' pocket which leads to his capture. Later, Kíli arrives with the rest of the Company to rescue Bilbo.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Braai Skaapvleis
Albanian Rosto Mish deleje
Arabic لحم ضان مشوي
Armenian Տապակել ոչխարի միս
Azerbaijani qovurma Qoyun
Belarusian Cyrillic смажаная бараніна
Bengali রোস্ট মেষ-মাংস
Bosnian Pečena ovčetina
Bulgarian Cyrillic Агнешко печено
Cambodian ដុត សាច់ចៀម
Catalan Carn de xai rostida
Cebuano Inasal nga karne
Chinese 烤羊肉
Croatian Pečena ovčetina
Czech Pečené skopové
Danish Fårekødsteg
Dutch Geroosterd schapenvlees
Esperanto Rostita Mutono
Estonian Röstitud lambaliha
Filipino Inihaw na karne ng tupa
Finnish Lammaspaistia
French Grillade de mouton
Galician Asado Carneiro
Georgian წვა ცხვრის ხორცი
German Gebratenes Hammelfleisch
Greek Ψητό αρνίσιο κρέας
Gujarati રોસ્ટ મટન
Haitian Creole Fè woti mouton
Hebrew צלי כבש
Hindi रोस्ट मटन
Hungarian Sült bárány
Icelandic Steiktu lambakjöt
Indonesian Panggang daging kambing
Irish Gaelic Caorach Rósta
Italian Montone arrosto
Japanese ローストマトン
Kannada ರೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಟನ್
Kazakh Cyrillic Қуырдақ қой еті
Korean 로스트 양고기
Kurdish Bijartin Beyindir ? (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic куйкалануу койдун
Latvian Cepta aitas gaļa
Lithuanian Kepta aviena
Macedonian Cyrillic Печена Овчо месо
Malay Panggang Daging kambing
Marathi रोस्ट मटण
Mongolian Cyrillic Шарсан хонины мах
Nepalese रोस्ट मटन
Norwegian Fårekjøttstek
Polish Pieczeń barania
Portuguese Carneiro assado
Romanian Friptură de oaie
Russian Баранье жаркое
Scottish Gaelic Caoraich Ròsta
Serbian Печење овца (Cyrillic) Pečenje ovca (Latin)
Sinhalese රෝස් මැට්න් ?
Slovak Pečené baranie
Slovenian Pečeno ovčje
Somalian Dubid Beertu ?
Spanish Carnero asado
Swedish Rostafårkött
Tamil ரோஸ்ட் மட்டன்
Telugu రోస్ట్ మటన్
Thai ย่างเนื้อแกะ
Turkish Kızarmış koyun eti
Ukrainian Cyrillic Печеня з баранини
Urdu روسٹ گوشت
Uzbek Қовурилган қўй гўшти (Cyrillic) Qovurilgan qo'y go'shti (Latin)
Vietnamese Thịt cừu nướng
Welsh Molltgig Rhost
Yiddish בראָטן שעפּס