Guide to The Lord of the Rings

Welcome to the book for the Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien, and Middle Earth in general. This book strives to provide a detailed source of information about Middle Earth.

Where to Start

This book has been designed to handle several different types of readers of The Lord of the Rings. Therefore, this book has several pages suggesting reading guides for the specific levels.

  • Beginner − Readers who are new to The Lord of the Rings. This should be used by readers who have read only a small amount of the books or who are interested in a general overview of the storyline.
  • Intermediate − Readers who have read much of The Lord of the Rings and know many of the main characters and places. Includes characters, places, events and a more detailed view of the storyline.
  • Advanced − Readers who have read all of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit who wish to acquire detailed knowledge of the books. Almost every topic is covered.


The index is the best way to navigate.

Major Sections

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  • Books − Chapter by chapter guides to the individual books  
  • Events − Detailed descriptions and analyses on major and minor events in the books  
  • Characters − Descriptions and analyses of the major and minor characters  
  • Places − Descriptions and analyses of the locations  
  • Races − Information on the races of Middle Earth  
  • Animals and Plants − Information on various species of and individual animals and plants  
  • Items − Information on the various items in Middle Earth  
  • Languages − Information on the individual languages and writing scripts  
  • Timeline − A detailed timeline of events throughout the ages of Middle Earth  

Minor Sections

Book Goals

  • To provide a large source of information for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, its accompanying books and Middle Earth in general
  • To provide a source of information which is easy to find
  • To minimize unnecessary spoilers through structured pages that allows readers to explore content as deep as (s)he wishes to