Guide to The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/Chapter 10

The Hobbit - Chapter 10 - A Warm Welcome


The barrels, with one hobbit riding and 13 dwarves inside, flow down the river and out of Mirkwood forest. Looking foward, Bilbo sees the Lonely Mountain - the ultimate destination of the group. For now, they arrive in Lake Town. It is a Human settlement located on the banks of the Long Lake, south of the Lonely Mountain. Safe, they arrive in the town, cramped, wet, and hungry. Thorin, energized with a new sense of purpose and along with Fili, Kili, and Bilbo, strides up proudly up to the town hall, and declared to The Master of Lake Town, that he is a descendant of the King under the Mountain, has returned and wishes to claim his inheritance. This brings joy to the people of the town.

The townsfolk reveal during the reign of King under the Mountain, gold flowed from the river, before Smaug arrived. They even treat Bilbo and the dwarves like kings. The company finds out that the Master feasts on good terms with elves, who recognize their former prisoners. The Master of Lake-town does not want to oppose the elves, but the townspeople insist that Thorin be welcomed. After a fortnight, the company is strong and eager again. Though they still have no idea how to deal with the dragon, Thorin feels that they cannot wait any longer. The expedition departs.


Having displayed bravery, cleverness, as well as skill, Bilbo reverts to his milder hoobit nature. His journey toward leadership and real personal development is not a straight line but in turns and waves.

The reaction of the people in Lake Town highlights the importance of ancestry. We see the importance of lineage in defining a person's character and prospects, first seen through Bilbo's oscillation between his Took side and his Baggins side. We also see it through Thorin's obsession with hhis birthright., the treasure under the mountain.

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  • promontory a high point of land or rock projecting into water or over lowland.
  • graybeards old men.
  • gammers old women.
  • quays docks or landing places on a waterway.
  • fortnight a period of two weeks.

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  1. Guide to The Lord of the Rings/Music/The King Beneath the Mountains

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Albanian Një Mirëseardhje të Ngrohtë
Amharic አንድ ሞቅ ያለ አቀባበል
Arabic ترحيب حار
Armenian Ջերմ ընդունելության
Azerbaijani A isti gəlmisiniz
Basque Ongietorri beroa
Belarusian Cyrillic Цёплы прыём
Bengali একটি উষ্ণ স্বাগত
Bosnian Toplu dobrodošlicu
Bulgarian Cyrillic Топло посрещане
Burmese တစ်ဦးကနွေးထွေးတဲ့ကွိုဆို
Cambodian ការស្វាគមន៍យ៉ាងកក់ក្តៅ
Catalan Una Cordial Benvinguda
Cebuano Usa ka Mainit nga Pag-abiabi
Chinese 热烈欢迎
Croatian Topla dobrodošlica
Czech Vřelé přivítání
Danish En Varm Velkomst
Dari یک خوش آمدگویی گرم
Dutch A Hartelijk Welkom
Esperanto Varman bonvenon
Estonian Soe Tere tulemast ?
Filipino Isang Mainit na Pagtanggap
Finnish Lämmin tervetullut
French Un Accueil Chaleureux
Galician Unha Recepción Calor
Georgian გულთბილი
German Ein Herzliches Willkommen
Greek Ένα Ζεστό Καλωσόρισμα
Gujarati ગરમ સ્વાગત
Hebrew קבלת פנים חמה
Hindi एक जोरदार स्वागत
Hmong Ib tug Sov Zoo siab txais tos
Hungarian A Meleg Fogadtatás
Icelandic A Hlýja Velkominn
Indonesian Sambutan hangat
Irish Gaelic A Te Fáilte
Italian Un Caldo Benvenuto
Japanese 暖かい歓迎
Javanese Anget Sambutan
Kannada ಬೆಚ್ಚಗಿನ ಸ್ವಾಗತ
Kazakh Cyrillic А Жылы Қош келдіңіздер
Korean 따뜻한 환영
Kurdish ئ بی خێر حاتی گه‌رم (Arabic script) A Bi xêr Hatî germ (Latin)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Жылуу кабыл алышты
Laotian ເປັນອົບອຸ່ນຍິນດີຕ້ອນຮັບ
Latvian Silts laipni
Lithuanian Šiltas laukiamas ?
Luxembourgish A Waarm Wëllkomm
Macedonian Cyrillic А топло добредојде
Malagasy A Mafana Tonga soa eto
Malay Sambutan hangat
Malayalam ഊഷ്മളമായി സ്വാഗതം
Maltese A Merħba sħun
Marathi एक उबदार स्वागत
Mongolian Cyrillic A дулаан тавтай
Nepalese न्यानो स्वागत
Norwegian En Varm Velkomst
Pashto ګرم ښه راغلاست
Persian یک خوش آمدگویی گرم
Polish Serdeczne powitanie
Portuguese Uma Calorosa Recepção
Punjabi ਿਨੱਘਾ ਸੁਆਗਤ
Romanian Un bun venit Cald
Russian Теплый прием
Samoan Se Faafeiloaiga Mafanafana
Serbian Топла добродошлица (Cyrillic) Toplu dobrodošlicu (Latin)
Sesotho Amohela ka mofuthu
Sinhalese සාදරයෙන් පිළිගනියි
Sindhi هڪ گرم ڀلي ڪري آيا
Slovak Vrelé privítanie
Slovenian Toplo dobrodošlico
Somalian Diirran Ugu soo dhawow
Spanish Una Cálida Bienvenida
Sudanese A Kersa Wilujeng sumping
Swedish Ett Varmt Välkomnande
Tajik Cyrillic Пазироии гарм
Tamil ஒரு சூடான வரவேற்பு
Telugu ఒక వెచ్చని స్వాగతం
Thai การต้อนรับอย่างอบอุ่น
Turkish Sıcak bir karşılama
Ukrainian Cyrillic теплий прийом
Urdu ایک گرم استقبال
Uzbek Самимий қабул (Cyrillic) Samimiy qabul (Latin)
Vietnamese Chào đón nồng nhiệt
Welsh Croeso Cynnes
Yiddish אַ וואַרעם באַגריסן
Yoruba A Gbona Kaabo
Yucatec Maya Juntúul cálida bienvenida