Greek Mythology/Titans/Metis

Metis was the Titan-goddess of good counsel, planning, cunning and wisdom. She was a counsellor of Zeus during the Titan War and came up with the plan through which Kronos was forced to vomit his consumed children. She was the 1st wife of Zeus and the mother of Athena. Metis was an Oceanid, one of the daughters of Oceanus and his sister-wife Tethys, who were 3000 in number. She was a sister of the Potamoi (river-gods), sons of Oceanus and Tethys, who also numbered 3000. Metis was the one who gave Zeus the idea to get the herbs (from Gaia) to cause Kronus to vomit out his siblings like I mentioned earlier. Husband: Zeus Offspring: Athena, Poros Parents: Oceanus and Tethys Siblings: Oceanids including Styx, Potamoi