Greek Mythology/Gods/Apollo

Apollo, (Also Known As Apollo in Roman Mythology)is the son of Leto and Zeus and twin to Artemis, Apollo is most often accredited as being the Sun God. Some say he carried the sun across the sky in his chariot each day, although Helios was generally credited for that. Other aspects of this god include his association with Helios and Chronos.

He was the favorite god for the Kingdom of Troy. The Trojans, as the people of Troy were called, believed in him and his sponsorship and worshipped him with due respect. The walls of Troy were almost never breached before the infamous war between Agamemnon (Heracles and Telamon sacked Troy), the Greek emperor and Hector, the prince of Troy and the Trojans give Apollo the credit for their remarkable survival through the ages.

Apollo had several love interests, both male and female. He accidently killed his lover Hyacinthus with a discus, then turned him into the flower that bears his name. Another lover of his died at his own hand. Coronis, whose child was saved from death, mothered Asclepius the famous healer. Zeus killed Asclepius because he could raise people from the dead. In return, Apollo killed the Cyclops. For this Zeus ordered him to work for a mortal for one year.

Apollo is credited as the slayer of Python and the founder of the Pythian games. After slaying the Python, he took over the oracle at Delphi from Themis. The oracle at Delphi is the most important of the oracles. Among other prophesies, the oracle delivered the famous prophesy to Oedipus that he would murder his father and marry his mother. Heracles once threatened to set up his own oracle at Delphi because he couldn't get an answer from Apollo.

Apollo was known for his love for music and poetry. Being the son of Zeus made him love women also. He had many relationships with different women.