Greek Mythology/Beasts/Gorgons

The Gorgons (singular Gorgon) were three devilish sisters with snakes instead of hair. Their names were Euryale, loosely translated as far-goer, Sthenno, literally translated as forceful and the most famous, Medusa, which translates solidly as female ruler. They were all immortal except for the latter (Medusa), who was killed by Perseus with a sickle.

Origin edit

The Gorgons were the daughters of Phorcys, a primitive Greek sea god, and Ceto, a hideous monster of the oceans. They (Gorgons) and their siblings were known collectively as the Phorcydes, along with the Graeae, the Hespirides, the Scylla and Charybdis. They were originally normal women, until Medusa was seduced by Poseidon in a temple of Athena, who then turned her and her sisters into the repugnant beings they came to be.

Appearance edit

The popular depiction of the Gorgons is with green skin, sometimes scaly, green eyes and their hair as aforementioned consists of live snakes and their hands made of a shiny metal such as brass. They are also sometimes shown as having beards and tusks, like that of swine. Gorgons are usually drawn with a protruding tongue and wings. They have snakes for hair and long talons, with slit eyes. They have long tails and sharp teeth wet with blood from their enemies

Abilities edit

Gorgons are best known for their ability to turn anyone who looks them in the eye into stone,and putting their statues in front of their cave as a warning

Fate edit

Although Eurydale and Sthenno were immortal, Medusa was not, and she was killed by Perseus(She was immortal but though immortal things according to Greek mythology were able to get pain when she saw her own reflection her immortality went away by her fear and Perseus was able to kill her in that time being) who used a shield to stop her from turning him into stone. Once she was dead, from her mane sprang Pegasus and Chrysaor