Greek Mythology/Beasts/Cyclops

The Cyclopes (singular Cyclops) were the three sons of Uranus and Gaia, the first king and queen of the Titans. They were imprisoned by their father into Tartarus, who feared their strength along with their three brothers, who had fifty heads and a hundred hands, also known as Hekatonchires. Their names were Brontes, Steropes and Arges.

Origin edit

The word Cyclops means round eye. They were born of Gaia, creator of the earth and her husband Uranus.

Appearance edit

Cyclopes are usually shown as having one, round eye in place of where their two eyes should be, although sometimes they are depicted as having two empty eye sockets and an eye in the middle of their forehead. Sometimes they are depicted very ogre-like, like other times depicted almost, if not all human.

Abilities edit

The Cyclopes were known for their great strength, and also their ability of craftsmanship. They created Zeus' lightning bolts, in return for freeing them, while he was fighting the Titans. They also forged Poseidon's trident. They were also known for going around eating humans. They worked as Hephaestus helpers under the volcano Etna making Zeus's lightning, but were killed by Apollo as revenge for Zeus's killing his son Asclepius. Cyclopes are also very well known for their powerful resistance to fire.

Other Information edit

One of Poseidon's sons, Polyphemus, was a cyclops. Polyphemus plays an important part in the Odyssey, as one of the monsters that beset Odysseus and his crew on their way back to Ithaca. The Cyclopes were also the helpers of one of the gods after Zeus brought them out of the underworld. In Greek Mythology Cyclops play an important role. They are found in many books including Percy Jackson, and Heroes of Olympus series. They are very massive!