Grand Theft Auto: Vice City/Items



The following is the list of weapons in Vice City, along with locations and costs. It is organized within itself from weakest to strongest.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

"Fist" weapons

  • Unarmed - Hand-to-hand combat, does minimal damage, but costs nothing.
  • Brass Knuckles - Another hand-to-hand weapon, causing a bit more damage than bare fists. They are found in an alley near Ocean View Hotel, or if you kill a security guard at The Malibu.

Melee weapons

  • Screwdriver - It can be purchased at Bunch of Tools in Washington Beach, Tooled Up at North Point Mall, or at Screw This in Little Havana, for $10.
  • Golf Club - A fun, unconventional weapon. It can be found at Leaf Links Golf Course.
  • Hammer - It is available for purchase at all the locations that the Screwdriver can be bought, for $20.
  • Nightstick - It can be found in the Washington Beach Police Station, or if you kill a policeman, he will drop one.
  • Baseball Bat - It can only be purchased at Bunch of Tools in Washington Beach. It can also be found in the same alley as the brass knuckles.
  • Cleaver - Yet another "just for laughs" melee weapon. For $50, you can buy it anywhere Screwdrivers and Hammers are sold. It is also found behind the Pizza shop in Vice Point.
  • Katana - For $300 you can become Samurai Vercetti-san at Tooled Up at North Point Mall. You can also find the katana in the backroom of the coffee shop at North Point, and also in the driveway of your Starfish Island mansion.
  • Machete - $100 at Screw This will get you this big blade. You can also find it under an awning in one of the many alleys in Washington Beach, or on the sidewalk of the bridge to Starfish Island.
  • Chainsaw - $150 at Screw This, 20 hidden packages, or a search for a room dedicated to Scarface will make you Vice City's resident Lumberjack (or bone-jack).

Projectile weaponry

  • Hand grenades - For $300 at the North Point Mall Ammu-Nation, you can get 8 of these. It takes a steady hand to master grenading.
  • Molotov Cocktails
  • Tear Gas - This weapon takes a long time to kill people, and is found behind the Washington Beach Police Station. No longer available in PC version
  • Remote Grenades - For $1000 at Phil Cassidy's Armory, you get eight of these. Throw one, then detonate it at will.

smoke greanade_found at the top of the talest building.


  • Colt .45 - $100 at either of the East Island Ammu-Nations. It can also be found at the construction site, and Vice City Marina. When you kill a cop, one drops out of his hand along with the nightstick.
  • Colt Python - The most powerful pistol, a one-hit kill no matter what. $2000 at the Downtown Ammu-Nation, or it appears at your mansion when you collect 30 hidden packages.


  • Standard Shotgun - $500 at the Ocean Beach Ammu-Nation, or you get one whenever you enter a cop car.
  • Stubby Shotgun - More one-hit kills, but must be reloaded after each shot. $600 at North Point Ammu-Nation.
  • SPAS Shotgun - One-hit kills, with an 8-shot magazine. $4000 at Downtown Ammu-Nation.

Sub-machine guns

  • TEC-9 - Located near a house on the West side of East Island.
  • Ingram Mac 10 - $300 at the Ocean Beach Ammu-Nation, one of the few weapons you can run with while shooting.
  • Uzi 9mm - $400 at North Point Ammu-Nation, also located north of the Washington Beach Pay'n'Spray, or inside an apartment complex in the same area. More locations include the gang house on Prawn Island, and under the stairs leading to the Skumhole Shack.
  • MP5 - $3000 at Downtown Ammu-Nation. The most powerful SMG; however, it cannot be fired while walking or running.

Assault rifles

  • Ruger - $1000 at Ocean Beach Ammu-Nation. One-hit kills, but hard to learn how to aim.
  • Colt M4 - $5000 at Downtown Ammu-Nation, for the "best" assault rifle. Also found in the bottom of the Vercetti mansion.


  • Rocket Launcher - A whopping $8000 for 8 of the most conventional ways to blow up cars, boats, and helicopters at Phil's Place. You can also find it in the swimming pool of the hotel near Escobar International, or by collecting 70 hidden packages and going to your mansion.
  • M60 - $8000 at Phil's can get you this weapon, although it has a slow firing rate.
  • Flamethrower - 40 hidden packages, a trip to a garage at Vice Point or a search in the pools of Starfish Island for this one. Beware touching the flame, however, or else you will progressively lose health.
  • Minigun - The most expensive weapon in the game, $10,000 at Phil's Place. You can also get it with 60 hidden packages. Extremely hard to master.

Sniper rifles

  • Standard Sniper Rifle - $1500 at North Point's Ammu-Nation, or a search in the hedge maze on Starfish Island can get you the same gun from "Bomb Da Base" in Grand Theft Auto III.
  • PSG-1 - $6000 at Downtown Ammu-Nation, or 50 hidden packages. Very accurate.


  • Camera - Not a weapon, but it takes up a slot. It is used in the mission "Martha's Mug Shot". Works like a camera, and is used to take pictures.
  • Detonator - A device given to you with each remote grenade. When you "fire" it blows the grenade up.