Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories/Hidden Packages

File:GTA LCS Hidden Package.jpg


  1. back alley opposite Paulie's Revue Bar.
  2. Opposite the hospital behind a car, Portland
  3. behind Ammunation, St. Mark's
  4. Behind the house on the docks in the first mission's area
  5. in the rusted car behind 8-Ball's garage
  6. In the bushes outside the school hall, Callahan Bridge
  7. Bus depot behind one of the buildings, Portland harbor
  8. Hanging above a cliff, Portland beach
  9. in between two Packers, Portland harbor
  10. on the upper balcony of Marco's Bistro
  11. on top of a storage container, Portland docks
  12. on the pier behind Vincenzo's place

Staunton IslandEdit

Shoreside ValeEdit