Geometry for Elementary School/Bisecting an angle

Geometry for Elementary School
Why are the constructions not correct? Bisecting an angle Bisecting a segment


  1. Use a compass to find points D and E, equidistant from the vertex, point B.
  2. Draw the line .

  3. Construct an equilateral triangle on with third vertex F and get . (Lines DF and EF are equal in length).

  4. Draw the line .


  1. The angles  ,   equal to half of  .

The proof

  1.   is a segment from the center to the circumference of   and therefore equals its radius.
  2. Hence,   equals  .
  3.   and   are sides of the equilateral triangle  .
  4. Hence,   equals  .
  5. The segment   equals to itself
  6. Due to the Side-Side-Side congruence theorem the triangles   and   congruent.
  7. Hence, the angles  ,   equal to half of  .



We showed a simple method to divide an angle to two. A natural question that rises is how to divide an angle into other numbers. Since Euclid's days, mathematicians looked for a method for trisecting an angle, dividing it into 3. Only after years of trials it was proven that no such method exists since such a construction is impossible, using only ruler and compass.


  1. Find a construction for dividing an angle to 4.
  2. Find a construction for dividing an angle to 8.
  3. For which other number you can find such constructions?