General Chemistry/Book Structure

Overall StructureEdit

The general structure of information in the book was developed from pages already here. It seems to make sense logically, and works quite well as a wiki.

  • Topic 1
    • Module 1
    • Module 2
  • Topic 2
    • Module 1
    • Module 2

Each topic is one reasonably defined area of study (e.g. Acids and Bases, Basic Quantum Chemistry). Each module should contain one specific concept or idea to learn (e.g. Covalent Bonding, Lewis Acids and Bases). Each module is one page, but can contain multiple subheadings.

This layout corresponds roughly to Chapters and Subchapters in a "paper and ink" textbook.

Note: Chemistries of the Various Elements should not contain details like melting point, boiling point, mass, and a list of every possible use and source of the element. That is what Wikipedia is for. Rather, it should point out the most unique and interesting properties of the elements, and more importantly, supply some significant chemical reactions involving the elements.

Technical PointsEdit

Each page should begin with {{msg:GeneralChemTOC}} so people can find their way around.

Each page should end with {{BookCat}} to put the page in the proper category (General Chemistry).