Game Creation with XNA/Preface



To start writing games for Microsoft's XBox360, one usually has to read many books, web pages and tutorials. This class project tries to introduce the major subjects, get you started and if needed point you into the right direction for finding additional material.

The idea behind this class project came from a colleague who suggested that most class projects produce really nice results, but usually disappear in some instructors' drawers. After reading on the possibility of using Wikibooks for class projects, we just had to give it a try.

Getting Started


If you are new to Wikibooks, you might first want to look at Using Wikibooks. Details for creating a class project can be found at Class_Project_Guidelines.

Other Wikibooks


There are also other wikibooks on subjects related that are quite useful:

Other Class Projects


Inspiration from successful class projects can be drawn here, which by themselves are also quite interesting and maybe helpful for this project: