GRE/Rescheduling your GRE Exam


Question: I have a scheduled exam on 1st September. I want it to be rescheduled to late October or early November this year? possible?(dates) How? (need exact steps and links as i didnt find the exact page in the prometric site to do the same)


go to >gre >register for a gre test >gre general test >online registeration( credit card only) >select gre general test from the pull down menu >select the country and location from the other pull down menus > reschudule or cancel an exam >it asks for the conformation/ tracking number (which you can find it from the conformation mail that you must have received earlier) and the first four letters of your last name after entering you will be directed to the calender page displaying available dates and sessions from which you can choose.after this the credit card formalities follow....hope this is useful

The above process may cause problems to a few. So you can directly follow the link below:

It will say session expired. But will show you a link which you can directly click and proceed.