GRE/Frequently asked questions on VISA process


Some Visa Questions Answered.

1. Q: Regarding the photos on the visa application form, should it be 50mm x 50mm or 37mmx37mm? As, in the application I downloaded from consulate website it is given as 50mm x 50mm but earlier when I applied I took 37mm x37mm. Which one is the correct one and how many would I need?

A: Follow the one stated in the web site. As they change regulations every now and then and hence you don't know how the forms might look this time around, carry a small pair of scissors to make any alterations at the consulate if necessary. Also I don't think that they are way to particular bout the dimensions of the photo as I used a photo with a dark background instead of the normal light background but again you never can predict these folks. The best thing wud be for u to carry copies in both sizes...just to be extra sure. Good Luck! Bipin

2. I have an issue with filling the DS 156 form. I am asked to provide the address of the place where I will stay. What do I do? Do I mention the address of someone known to me? Mention the address of the Department?

A: If you have already taken care of your housing in the University area (on/off campus), just get the address details and mention the same. If not, then you may want to give the address of somebody where you would stay in the future. If neither of the above is possible, just give the address of your department. It doesn't hurt.

I think I gave my department address as I didn't know where I would be staying. All my other friends did the same. And it is more official to give your dept. address. Goodluck. Sri Harsha

Add: You may also provide the address (with or without Care Of) of the International Center/Office of your University.

3. I am arranging my FD in my name worth 1.5 times 1 year expenses only in June Ist week. I have some questions:

3.1) Will the VO be worried that the FD was created in my name very recently? 3.2) Should I show the FD receipt at all? Or just a bank certificate saying that I have FD's worth so much?


SriHarsha: This is something tricky about the visa...

Few VO's prefer bank statements than FDs. That too of your parents. FDs are the second priority. FD on student's name gives the VO a chance to ask more questions or many inquiries about the money matters which we are, in general, not aware of. In my case, I by hearted well before. But sometimes it doesn't matter at all. He may never ask you. Whatever you do, make sure everything is legal.

Deepak: I hate to gate-crash your party. But I got rejected for providing 1.5 times the cash of what was mentioned in the I-20. The officer wanted for 2 years.

Of course these things are very time dependent and vary from person to person. But, I still thought it is better to let you know.

Safe bet, since you are doing it, might as well try 2X instead if 1.5X (X = amount of money mentioned for one annual year in the I-20).

All this goes for only a Masters program.

Srihari: 1. You are running a small risk there. It is a common practice for people to have money transferred to their names in a short while when preparing for visa, so the VOs are used to it, but you should not be judgemental of their reaction, and caution is better.

2. That is a pretty good idea. Have the bank statement, and in case they ask, carry the FD deposits. Make it as less shady a deal as possible.