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The enzyme editor for enzyme management, both globally and per DNA sequence, is divided into three lists:

  1. A list of enzyme groups (top right)
  2. A list of enzymes in that group (bottom right)
  3. A list of current/temporary enzymes (left)
The enzyme management dialog

Enzymes can be copied into/removed from the left list through the <--Add and Remove--> buttons. Enzymes can be deleted from a group (except All) via Delete from group, or added via New enzyme. A double click on an enzyme name in either list shows an enzyme properties dialog.

Enzymes from the left list can be added to a new or existing group via the respective buttons. All enzymes from a group can be added to the left list, and a group can be deleted.

You can share enzyme groups with other GENtle users on your intranet via a commonly shared database. Create an enzyme group as "Database name:Enzyme group name", and it will be available to everyone using that database on the next start of GENtle. Note that when creating the enzyme group, use the name of the database as it appears in your local installation (maybe "Shared", "Shared0", "Shared (2)" etc.).