Futurebasic/Language/Reference/window fill


Syntax edit

WINDOW FILL [[#]expr

Description edit

This statement immediately redraws, in the current output window, any controls, edit fields and picture fields which intersect with the window's "invalid region." The window's invalid region consists of those visible parts of the window which were recently uncovered but haven't yet been refreshed; you can also add an arbitrary rectangle to the invalid region using the new (in Release 6) FN NVALRECT.

After redrawing the controls etc., WINDOW FILL resets the window's invalid region to a nil (empty) region. This will inhibit FB from generating a _wndRefresh DIALOG event for the window the next time HANDLEEVENTS is executed.If no window number is used for expr, FB assumes that you wish to use the current output window.

Note edit

You will rarely need to use this statement. FB automatically redraws controls, edit fields and picture fields as necessary every time your program executes HANDLEEVENTS.

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