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TIMER edit

Statement edit

(+) Appearance (+) Standard Console

Syntax edit

TIMER = interval TIMER(0) OFF TIMER(0) END

Revised edit

January 14, 2001 (Release 4)

Description edit

If you have designated a timer-event handling routine (using the ON TIMER statement), the TIMER statement alters the interval at which timer events occur. If timer events have not yet been initiated (because your ON TIMER statement specified an interval of zero), then the TIMER statement also initiates timer events. If the interval parameter is greater than zero, it specifies the interval in seconds. If interval is less than zero, then ABS(interval) specifies the interval in ticks (a tick is approximately 1/60 second). If you set interval to zero, the TIMER statement is ignored; you cannot use the TIMER statement to disable timer events once they've been initiated. Timer events are internally queued by FB until your application is ready to accept them. If you are receiving events once per second and your program is occupied with other tasks for 10 seconds, you wll receive 10 timer events at the first available opportunity. If you wish to flush the timer event queue, use TIMER(0) OFF or TIMER(0) END.

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