Syntax edit

SETZOOM [#]windowID [,(h1,v1)-(h2,v2)]
SETZOOM [#]windowID, @rect

Revised edit

June 12, 2000 (Release 3)

Description edit

When you create a window that has a zoom box, FB assigns a default "zoom rectangle" for the window. The zoom rectangle is the screen rectangle that the window occupies after the user clicks the zoom box. Clicking the zoom box a second time causes the window to change back to its previous rectangle. By default, the zoom rectangle takes up most of the screen.

Use the SETZOOM statement to assign a new zoom rectangle for the window, specified by (h1,v1)-(h2,v2), where (h1,v1) and (h2,v2) are diagonally opposite corners of the rectangle, in global screen coordinates. The next time the user clicks on the window's zoom box, and your program subsequently executes HANDLEEVENTS, the window's size and location will change to fit the specified zoom rectangle.

If you omit the (h1,v1)-(h2,v2) parameter, SETZOOM resets the zoom rectangle to the default zoom rectangle.

SETZOOM has no effect on windows that don't have a zoom box.

Note edit

You can use the DIALOG function to determine when the user has clicked on the window's zoom box.

The size of the zoom rectangle is not limited by the MAXWINDOW or MINWINDOW statement.

Do not use SETZOOM unless the window specified by windowID has already been created (using the WINDOW statement).

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