Futurebasic/Language/Reference/picture function


Syntax edit

pictureHandle = PICTURE

Description edit

This function returns a handle to the picture recorded with the most recent pair of PICTURE ON/PICTURE OFF statements. This handle is the same handle returned by:

PICTURE OFF, pictureHandle

You can specify this handle in the PICTURE statement when you want to draw the picture. You can also pass the picture handle to any of a number of Toolbox routines which require a picture handle as a parameter.

Note edit

Your program is responsible for releasing the memory occupied by pictures created with the PICTURE ON/PICTURE OFF statements. You should normally use the KILL PICTURE statement to do this, once you're finished using the picture handle. However, if you turn the picture into a resource (using the Toolbox routine AddResource or PG's FNpGreplaceRes) then you should not dispose of the picture.

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