Futurebasic/Language/Reference/mouse position

Syntax edit

buttonStatus = MOUSE(_down)

Description edit

If your program does not do any kind of event-trapping using the HANDLEEVENTS statement, then you can use the MOUSE(_down) function to determine whether the mouse button is currently down. In these circumstances, MOUSE(_down) returns _zTrue is the button is down, or _false otherwise.

The MOUSE(_down) function will not work if your program traps events using HANDLEEVENTS. Since most well-designed programs trap events this way, the MOUSE(_down) function is probably of limited usefulness. See the <a href="mouse%20event.html">MOUSE <event></a>functions to learn how to respond to mouse clicks using event trapping.

Note: You can also use the Toolbox function FN BUTTON to determine whether the mouse is currently down. FN BUTTON works regardless of whether your program uses event trapping.

See Also edit

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