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Sets a limit on how small the user can make a window by dragging its "grow box." After MINWINDOW is executed, the user will not be able to drag the window's size narrower than h pixels horizontally nor shorter than v pixels vertically (these dimensions refer to the window's "content region"; they don't include the "structure region" (frame) of the window). The MINWINDOW statement applies to all currently open windows and all subsequently opened windows, until another MINWINDOW statement is executed.

MINWINDOW does not apply to windows which don't have a grow box. Also, it does not limit the dimensions of a window which is resized by clicking its "zoom box" (see the SETZOOM statement to learn how to do this).

If there is any currently open window (with a grow box) whose dimension(s) are smaller than h and/or v, MINWINDOW will not expand it immediately. The window will expand the next time the user clicks on its grow box.

If you need to apply different size limits to each of several open windows, then you will need to execute MINWINDOW each time such a window becomes active. In your dialog-event handling function, watch for the _wndActivate event, then execute MINWINDOW with the appropriate parameters depending on which window has become active. See the DIALOG function for more information.

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