Futurebasic/Language/Reference/def removestr

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Description edit

Removes a string from the block referenced by str#handle&. The block must be in the format of an "STR#" resource, and typically str#handle& will be the handle to an "STR#" resource that your program has previously loaded, or the handle to a block that you intend to add as an "STR#" resource. The item% parameter indicates the sequential number of the string you want to remove; 1 indicates the first string in the list. If item% is greater than the number of strings currently in the list, then DEF REMOVESTR does nothing. Note: Never use DEF REMOVESTR on a purgeable resource, unless you first call FN HNOPURGE(str#handle&) to (temporarily) make it unpurgeable. If you think the resource may have been purged before you had a chance to call FN HNOPURGE, then you should also CALLLOADRESOURCE(str#handle&) to make sure it's loaded into memory. If you are using DEF REMOVESTR to update an existing "STR#" resource, then use CALLCHANGEDRESOURCE(str#handle&) after using DEF REMOVESTR, to cause your changes to be written to disk when the resource file is closed or updated.

See Also edit

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