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DEF BTNRECT Statement edit


Statement edit

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Syntax edit

DEF BTNRECT({rect | #rectAddr&}, buttonID%)

Description edit

If buttonID% is the ID number of a button or scroll bar in the current window, then this statement returns the button's (or scroll bar's) bounding rectangle into rect (which should be an 8-byte variable such as a RECT type), or into the 8 bytes starting at address rectAddr&. A button's ID number is assigned by the BUTTON statement; a scroll bar's ID number is assigned by the SCROLL BUTTON statement.

Example edit

image res/cd.gif CD Example: DEF BTNRECT.BAS

Note edit

If the specified button does not exist, then the rectangle (0,0)-(0,0) is returned.

See Also edit

BUTTON statement; BUTTON&; DIALOG statement