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COLOR edit

Statement edit

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Syntax edit

COLOR [=] colorExpr

Description edit

The COLOR statement sets the current window's foreground color to one of eight old-style "Basic QuickDraw" colors. colorExpr should equal one of the following:

0 (_zWhite)
1 (_zYellow)
2 (_zGreen)
3 (_zCyan)
4 (_zBlue)
5 (_zMagenta)
7 (_zBlack)

"FB Lite" behavior:
When you use the "FB Lite" runtime, COLOR switches to the Graphics Window before executing; you can't use it to change the foreground color in the Text Window nor on the printer. To change the color of printed output while running FB Lite, use the Toolbox procedure <a href="http://developer.apple.com/documentation/mac/QuickDraw/QuickDraw-221.html">RGBFORECOLOR</a>.

The COLOR statement does not change the appearance of anything that's already in the window; the new color will appear the next time you draw text or a QuickDraw shape in the window.

For greater control over the foreground color, use the LONG COLOR statement.

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