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Syntax edit

box [fill] [h, v] to h1, v1 [to h2, v2 ...]

Description edit

Draws a rectangle which has diagonally opposite corners at coordinates (h,v) and (h1,v1). The rectangle's frame is drawn using the current pen size, mode, pattern and color for the current window or printer. If the fill clause is specified, then the rectangle is filled with the current window pattern.

If the to keyword is specified more than once, then several rectangles are drawn, each using (h,v) as one corner, and the coordinates following to as the diagonally opposite corner.

If the h and v parameters are omitted, then the rectangle's originating point is set to one of the following:

  • The (h,v) coordinates of the most recent box statement (in any window) that actually specified the h and v parameters;
  • The last point specified in the most recent plot statement (in any window);
  • (0,0), if no plot statement has yet been executed, and no prior box statement that specified h and v has yet been executed.

Console Behavior edit

When you use the Console, box always switches to the Graphics Window before drawing. You can't use box to draw a box in the Text Window, or on the printer; use the Toolbox procedures FrameRect or PaintRect instead. Alternatively, you can activate the graphics window and select Print from the File menu.

Notes edit

No special notes.

See Also edit

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