Futurebasic/Language/Reference/MID function

MID$ and MID$$ edit

Syntax edit

subString$ = MID$(string$,startPos [,numChars])
subContainer$$ = MID$$(container$$,startPos [,numChars])

Revised edit

June 15, 2000 (Release 3)

Description edit

This function returns a substring or subcontainer of string$ or container$$, consisting of characters which begin at position startPos within string$ or container$$. If you specify numChars, then a maximum of numChars characters are returned; otherwise, all the characters from startPos to the end of string$ or container$$ are returned. If startPos is less than 1, then it's treated as 1. If startPos is greater than the length of string$ or container$$, then a null (zero-length) string is returned.

You may not use complex expressions that include containers on the right side of the equal sign. Instead of using:

c$$ = c$$ + MID$$(a$$,10)


c$$ += MID$$(a$$,10)

Example: PRINT MID$("Rick Brown", 2, 3)
myContainer$$ = "Rick Brown"
PRINT MID$(myContainer$$, 2, 3)
PRINT MID$("Rick Brown", 6)

program output:

See Also edit

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