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One of the most often mentioned-upon scenarios (especially by the media and other proponents for free speech) is the possibility that restriction of rights will lead to the formation of more totalitarian states in the future. By totalitarian states, they most often mean states in which the government controls the powers of knowing everything that is going on domestically, and are of unparalleled ability to influence events and society inside their states. To many individuals and to the democratic/republican/federal ideal, this is the bane of modern society. We here analyze the arguments both in favor and against the formation and survival of the totalitarian states of the future.

Arguments Against Totalitarian State Viability edit

Arguments For Totalitarian State Viability edit

Many existing and emerging technologies can be used by the government(s) to enforce totalitarian control over all aspects of human lives. The following are examples of such technologies:

Spying edit

The US Army is developing a full scale 3D Earth simulator, which will be tapped directly into the "Global Information Grid" which could come to oversee the MESH control grid that will also play a role in tracking. The end result is that they will have a full scale simulation of Earth that will allow them to zoom in toward your home (already possible to an extent through tools such as Google map), and possibly see hidden weapons through your clothing. PrisonPlanet claims that such work could eventually result in governmental control over the Internet (although it seems that so far the states' powers are limited to declaring that certain web pages are off limits for computers inside a country, such as in China). Biometrics like face scanning technology are being developed into some of the ITS cameras; thumb print scanners are being implemented into retail stores and [ retinal scans are now being implemented into grade schools [1]. National ID cards are on the way (such as in China), and they could probably include biometric data. Global ID cards are being developed to set up the global control grid. Current RFID / biochip tracking systems include "Digital Angel" and the DoD's DISA (See video) A future step could be a form of nanotechnology that The Man has titled "NBIC". The goals of NBIC are the rapid evolution of mankind (humans into transhumans into posthumans), super AI and what they have actually titled the "collective society" [2].

Anti-Riot Weaponry edit

Some states may be massing advanced anti-protest weapons so that they could be able to disperse any crowd. Old technologies were fire hoses, tear gas, batons, shields, stun/sting grenades, rubber bullets and capture nets [3]. New technologies include laser stun rifles, audio cannons, microwave pain beams, magnetosphere guns and more [4]. War has more on this topic.

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