Functional Analysis/Harmonic Analysis


Harmonic Analysis is the study of the decomposition of representations of abstract algebraic structures acting on topological vector spaces.

Note: A table of the math symbols used below and their definitions is available in the Appendix.

  • The set theory notation and mathematical proofs, from the book Mathematical Proof
  • The experience of working with calculus concepts, from the book Calculus

Part 1: General theory of Locally Compact Groups.

Topological Groups 0% developedEdit

Locally Compact Groups 0% developedEdit

Banach Spaces of a Locally Compact Group 0% developedEdit

Haar Measure and spaces 0% developedEdit

The Group algebra and the Regular Representation 0% developedEdit

Square Integrable Representations 0% developedEdit

Representations of Compact Groups 0% developedEdit

The Group -algebra and the Group Von Neumann algebra 0% developedEdit

Direct Integral of Representations 0% developedEdit

Characters of Locally Compact Groups 0% developedEdit

The Dual of a Locally Compact Group 0% developedEdit

Plancherel Theorem 0% developedEdit

Plancherel Measure 0% developedEdit

Topic 1: Fell Bundles 0% developedEdit

Part 2 Reductive Groups:

Semi-simple Lie Groups 0% developedEdit

Reductive Groups 0% developedEdit

Appendices 0% developedEdit

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