Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 84

Chapter 84

On June 3, 1946, Idgie is at Eva's house drinking beer. Eva notices that Idgie seems upset and asks her what is wrong. Idgie tells her Ruth has moved out because Idgie lied to her. Idgie said she was going to her sister, Leona's house, but went into the woods to be by herself. Eva says that it is a shame because she remembers how upset Idgie was when Ruth left to marry Frank. She tells Idgie to watch out because Ruth could have anyone in town with a snap of her fingers. A few days later, Ruth called Idgie for the first time in three weeks. She got Idgie's note and wants to talk. Idgie is almost at Ninny and Cleo's house when she realizes she never sent a note.


Ruth and Idgie have problems like every other couple. With Mrs. Thredgood's death Idgie has withdrawn from the person she loves the most & now she fears that she may have lost her again. However, with the help of Eva, Idgie & Ruth make up with one another & Ruth moves back in with Idgie

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