Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 83

Chapter 83

The scene returns to the Rose Terrace Nursing Home on August 15, 1986. Evelyn is not visiting, but Mrs. Threadgoode is speaking to Geneene, the black nurse. Geneene is in their room having a cigarette and Ninny tells her that Evelyn is going through menopause. She has even thought of smashing his head with a baseball bat. Mrs. Threadgoode says that is what happens when a couple is together for a long time; they get on each other's nerves. Even Ruth and Idgie had problems once and Ruth moved in with Ninny and Cleo for a while. She tells Geneene about Towanda and Evelyn's fantasies. Ninny doesn't think it's up to people to judge, only God.


Ninny Threadgoode is concerned about her friend. She expresses her concerns to the nurse. This chapter is the first time the reader hears of problems between Ruth and Idgie.

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