Folkstyle Wrestling/Rules

The ObjectiveEdit

There are three basic victory conditions in a wrestling match:

  • Pinning your opponent (Win By Fall)
  • Scoring more points than your opponent in the time alotted (Win By Decision)
  • Scoring 15 points more than your opponent at any point during the match (Win By Technical Fall)
    • In team tournaments and meets, different points are awarded to the team, depending on whether or not a pin occurred, how large the point spread was at the end of the match one.

The FormatEdit

  • Three periods
    • Can be different amount of time for periods depending on the league
      • For College the Norm is usually 3-2-2
      • For High School the Norm is usually 2-2-2
      • For Modified and Youth the Norm is usually 1-1-1

The Three PositionsEdit

  • Neutral
  • Referee's Position
    • Top
      • Optional/Freestyle
    • Bottom

Ways to ScoreEdit

There are 5 ways to score-

  • Takedown- Defined as taking opponent from feet to mat. This is worth 2 points.
  • Escape- Defined as escaping opponent's control and facing him. This is worth one point.
  • Reversal- Defined as coming from mat, and taking opponent to mat, in a single move/move combo, which is worth 2 points.
  • Nearfall- Points gained when opponent's back/shoulders break the 45 degree plane with respect to the mat for a duration of time. A two-four count awards you 2 points, then a 5 count awards you 3 points.
  • Riding Time-Defined as being in control on the mat, for a long period of time, usually used in collegiate wrestling. If one wrestler has more than 1 minute more of riding time than his opponent, he is awarded 1 point at the end of regulation time.


  • Stalling
    • Fleeing the mat

  • locking hands around waist on ground without 2points of body

Note:(When a wrestler lifts another off the mat, it is the lifting wrestler's responsibility to ensure the other's safe return to the mat.)

  • Locking hands strictly around an opponent's waist while on the mat.
  • Potentially Dangerous
    • Choking
    • Full Nelson
    • Body Figure Four
    • Head Scissors
    • Chicken wing (extended past a certain point)
    • Arm across the back above 90 Degrees
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
    • Swearing
    • Striking
    • Unnecessary Roughness
    • Grabbing of the singlet
    • Throwing your headgear
    • physically hurting your opponent for revenge of previous match
    • Smack Talking
    • Pulling opponents head gear off or making it an obstruction of view