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Folksprak (formerly Folkspraak) is an Zonal constructed language (IAL) project based on the Germanic languages. It is intended to be quickly learnable by all Germanic speakers (a group including over 465 million native speakers, and an additional 300 to 900 million who speak English as a second language). It is not meant to be designed by any one individual, but is a collective work created by all interested parties.

A proposal for Folksprak (called Sprak) has been developed by Stephan Schneider (member of the Yahoo folkspraak group). It is analogous to the "real" modern Germanic languages, because its phoneme inventory is based on reconstructed Proto-Germanic with phoneme shifts following those seen in the development of modern Germanic. Its original scope was to provide an inter-Germanic orthography based on reconstructed Proto-Germanic.

As it is a community based project the contents in this book may not always be up to date. Note that there are many different variations of the folksprak language and one person's version of folksprak may be different from the general version.




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