Final Fantasy VII/Wutai sidequests

Wutai sidequests are entirely optional, but are highly recommended because there's a whole lot of fun to be had with all of the new materia and items. Also, while the first quest takes an evening to accomplish, at least it saves you from the trouble of doing one more boss fight later.

Both sidequests need Yuffie to be in your party, preferrably trained somewhat up also. For instructions on how to get her, see Optional characters module.

Hey! Give me back my marbles!


The first of the subquests can be done any time between getting the Tiny Bronco on disc 1 and before going to Midgar to stop Hojo in Disc 2.

Once you get into the Wutai area for the first time, Yuffie stops you. And then suddenly, bad guys appear out of nowhere. A fight ensues, but... no longer seem to have any of your materia around! What follows is some really, really challenging melee without much of any magic.

So, let's follow Yuffie northward. If you came by Tiny Bronco, this means a long foot trek, and the mountains are very treacherous. If you see any birds, run. They've got worse weapons than just guano, namely, high-level bolt magic.

Eventually, you'll reach Wutai Town. When you enter, you see Yuffie running. Visit the houses there, including Turtle's Paradise, the fine restaurant... resort... thing. You'll meet the Turks, on vacation.

But where's Yuffie? Take a time to peek around, there's a lot of good hiding places, interesting places, like this funny old guy in the house to the far right, and shop that has an inviting box. Let's open the box... Oo! an MP Absorb materia! ...which Yuffie naturally steals right away!

Hopefully you're now a bit more familiar with the town's layout, so keep looking for Yuffie's hideout. Wait a moment... wasn't the screen in the old man's house folded? When you try to restore that part of order to the world, it takes a few seconds for Yuffie to realize she's in the plain view. Unsurprisingly, she then flees.

Now, as you head out, you have probably learned to pay attention to the smallest details that might give some clue as to what to do. Outside, there's a great big vase outside of the Turtle's Paradise. The other characters in your team, brightly enough, decide to close off all other exits while the leader smokes Yuffie out of the pot. She has nowhere to run and seems really sorry.

After a brief cutscene, you're in Yuffie's house. She tells you to pull a lever. If you suspect trap and pull the other one, you get trapped. If you tell what she said, you fall into her trap. The bottom line is, you're trapped.

Now head out, and go far, far to the left, toward the pagoda in the distance. Yuffie's obscure hint of "steel" probably reminds you of the big iron bell on the left. Ring the bell to reveal a door. You'll now note that Yuffie, and Elena of the Turks, has been taken by Don Corneo's men.

Find your way up and out. You need to fight Shin-Ra soldiers, but they manage to delay you while the kidnappers escape. Get out, and you manage to strike a truce with Reno and Rude.

So now starts yet another search operation. It's highly recommended you heal up properly, and purchase a lot of Bolt Plumes or Fire Veils from the store (10-20 of them should do). It should be recommended that for the upcoming boss fight, you arrange your Item menu like this: Bolt Plume (or Fire Veil), Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion, X-Potion.

Once you're healed up at the savepoint and have tons of helpful items, head to the Da-Chao, mountain of statues. There's a lot of stuff to see here, and you can find the Dragoon Lance for Cid in a cave. (You can return here on Disc 2 or 3 if you have Leviathan Scale to get more interesting stuff!)

After a while of searching, you'll find Corneo, Yuffie, and Elena. Corneo doesn't really like his love games interrupted, and is still mad for you destroying the Aps in the sewers, so here comes the retribution: Rapps.

Lv: 39, HP: 6000, MP: 300, Weaknesses: -, Strong against: -, Absorbs: -
Without your materia, and especially if you're lowish level, this is going to be a really hairy deal. Rapps' Aero3 attack is really, really devastating. This gets really easy if all of your characters are in Fury and harass the boss with Limit Breaks (Vincent is really nice here, constantly smashing the boss for like 400-500 damage every turn). Don't bother much with physical attacks, just use Bolt Plumes and Fire Veils a lot (or other throwable items, expecially ones that do fire damage), revive fallen characters with Phoenix Downs. If the characters have above 50% health, HiPotionify them every now and then, otherwise, just use Phoenix Downs, they're pretty cheap.

After the fight, you see the Turks doing the justice their own way. Bye bye, Don Corneo. Yuffie returns the materia to you, and even admits that it's too hard for the lazy programmers to remember locations of various items, so you should now spend a good while fixing up the order of your materia. The MP Absorb you found from the city is yours as well.

Climbing the Pagoda


This section will walk you through the series of one on one boss fights with Wutai, against the Five Secred Gods in the Pagoda. You should be able to manage most of the victories without training Yuffie at all, unless her level is terribly low.

Each Sacred God exhibits different characteristics, and will become progressively more difficult. You should take a moment to learn Yuffie and equip her with the proper gear, and materia between each victory. You will also need to restore any hit points, magic points and any hangover status effects gained from previous battles.

(The only out of the way ability you may want is the L4 Suicide enemy skill, you can get it from "Mu" which looks like a squirel. Mu can be found near the Chocobo Ranch).

Lv: 30, HP: 3000, MP: 150, Weaknesses: Wind, Strong against: Earth,Gravity, Absorbs: -
Gorki represents "power" out of the gods, and acts like the Valron creature around Nibleheim. Arm yourself with the Elemental/Gravity Materia in your armor's linked slots to protect against Demi. Make sure Yuffie is in the back rank, the only other materia essential to victory is restore. These battle can be a wastrel on MP, please read the section dedicated to each boss before fighting them. Gorki will setup a strong defense with the various Barrier spells, he will also use Regen when he is on the ropes. Gorki, when he bolsters his defense with barrier, counter with destruct materia. You may attack him with spells, but stop once he puts up reflect. Do not dispel Reflect off of him, it will prevent him from replacing Regen while the Reflect is in effect. The battle is mainly a slugfest, keep your health out of the critical area, use barrier if his attacks are unbearable.

He'll give you an X-potion for winning. Restore Yuffie's HP and MP.

Lv: 32, HP: 4000, MP: 180, Weaknesses: -, Strong against: Gravity, Absorbs: -
Shake represents "speed" and acts a lot like the strange penguin creature Skeeskee around Cosmo Canyon. This battle is nothing with the enemy skill L4 Suicide. Attack Shake with L4 Suicide, then finish him with any attack. Shake is blazing fast, after the L4 Suicide attack, he'll get in at least two blows, which can defeat Yuffie if she is low level. If this concerns you, use barrier before attacking with L4 Suicide. If you don't have L4 Suicide, here is your guide. You must take away Shake's advantage, have Time Materia equipped, use Haste and Slow to turn the tables on him. This battle is a slugfest as well, Shake's Rage Bomber attack is strong, and causes "Fury" which will make subsequent attacks from Shake even deadlier. If you have barrier, time, and restore, you should be able to outpunch Shake.

You'll gain a Turbo Ether for winning. Restore Yuffie's HP, MP and cure any hangover status effects, then head to the next floor.

Lv: 34, HP: 5000, MP: 210, Weaknesses: -, Strong against: Gravity, Absorbs: -
Chekhov represents "magic" and acts like the bizzare Twin Brain monster found in Mount Nibel. The "Jem Ring" accessory makes this an easy fight, it will counter her Stare Down attack which paralyzes Yuffie. All you will need is Restore Materia essentially, Chekhov moves very slow, you should be able to get off plenty of attacks on her without worry, barrier will cutdown her absorb attack which drains your HP and restores Chekhov's. If you forgot to equip your Jem Ring, barrier is essential, you'll need your regular hard hitting spells to make up for the ring as well.

You'll receive an Ice Ring for winning. Restore Yuffie's HP and MP and head to the next floor.

Lv: 36, HP: 6000, MP: 240, Weaknesses: -, Strong against: Gravity, Absorbs: -
Staniv is the undefeated god of war in the pagoda and acts like Madouge in the Mythril Caves. Staniv boasts that he is the final boss but he's forgotten something, he is level 36, which makes him vulnerable to L4 Suicide. Attack with L4 Suicide, and any attack for a quick fight. If you don't have L4 Suicide, you'll have to beat him the long way. Staniv for the most part will strike you with his oversized flail, which causes a fair amount of damage unless you're in the back row with barrier. Sometimes he'll use War Cry, but that only causes Sadness. You'll just need restore, time, and barrier to win this one. Use haste and barrier as soon as things get started, and exchange blows with Staniv. Unless you fall asleep in this battle, and neglect your HP, you should defeat him without any problems.

You'll get an Elixir from him after winning. Restore Yuffie's HP, MP and any hangover status effects, and head to the next floor.

Lv: 36, HP: 10000, MP: 240, Weaknesses: -, Strong against: -, Absorbs: -
Godo is the surprise boss, he is completely unique looking and represents Omni, or all of the other god's combined. In addition to being Yuffie's father, Godo is extremely powerful. His level is a misprint in guides, and he is not weak against L4 Suicide. Godo has a plethora of attacks at his disposal, depending on which of his three faces are looking at you. The red dragon face attacks with beast sword, which causes a fair amount of physical damage. The gold face uses Mini and Cure2. The white face attacks with Drain, Bio2, and Demi3 and Trine enemy skill. This battle is very hard unless you've built up Yuffie, in order to win, you need to eliminate the greatest threats. Elemental/Gravity, and Elemental/Poison (or Added Effect/Poison) are essential, make sure they're in the linked slots in your armor. Hopefully you've visited the Sleeping Man, and found a Bolt Ring accessory, or ventured to the Temple of the Ancients and have the Dragon Armlet. This will negate Godo's strongest attacks, if you have the Dragon Armlet, drop the Bolt Ring for the Ribbon Accessory. This combo should prevent Trine, Bio2, Demi3, Mini, and Poison from affecting you. You also obviously need Restore Materia. If you have the materia slots, have counter attack, time, barrier, poison, and Enemy Skill (if you haven't learned Trine enemy skill yet). If you don't have this gear, and your levels are low, you will probably get thrashed by Godo. Start the battle defensively, with haste and barrier. Do not underestimate Godo's attacks, be generous with your cure spell. If you have it, attack with Slow, and Bio on Godo, until he is both Slowed and Poisoned. Throw everything you have at him, but keep MP reserved for a few cure spells. Re-apply barrier as it fades, if you don't have Trine, hold steady until he uses it. Trine will cause serious damage if you don't have Lightning Elemental resists. Once Godo starts to succumb to your attacks, he will use Cure2 on himself, it'll heal a decent amount of damage, but not enough to swing the tides back in his favor. This will slow the battle, you can counter by switching, to melee attacks, and casting MBarrier, or Reflect on Godo if you have it. This will dampen or reflect his healing.

Godo is a worthy opponent, if your levels are low, he may still overtake you. Come back later, gather some of the items I mentioned, or build up Yuffie and try again.

You'll gain the power of the Watergod for winning, the Levianthan summon. As well as Yuffie's Extreme limit break "All Creation." You'll also get a emotional scene with Godo, and the respect of Wutai.