Final Fantasy VII/Preface/Story/After the game

What happened to the playable characters?


Cloud Strife: Cloud lived with Tifa and Marlene in the new town of Edge, built on the edge of the ruins of Midgar. Cloud started a delivery service, however, he was still overcome with guilt because of his failure to save Aerith. Cloud then snuck out on Tifa and Marlene, wanting to be alone in his misery.

Tifa Lockhart: Lived with Cloud and Marlene in Edge. Opened up a new Seventh Heaven bar in the town.

Barret Wallace: Left his daughter Marlene in the care of Tifa and Cloud while he went to take care of his personal demons, and to find a new energy source to replace Mako.

Nanaki: Returned to Cosmo Canyon.

Cid Highwind: Married Shera and gained legendary status as an airship pilot. Started up an airship division to aid the World Restoration Organization.

Cait Sith/Reeve: Started up the World Restoration Organization, charged with restoring the planet after the evils of Shinra Inc. and the Meteor Incident.

Yuffie Kisaragi: Helped in the evacuation of Midgar along with Vincent and Reeve before Meteor impacted. Afterwards, returned to Wutai.

Vincent Valentine: Helped in the evacuation of Midgar along with Yuffie and Reeve before Meteor impacted. Afterwards, roamed the world, spending most of his time in the Ancient Forest to reflect on his past sins.