Final Fantasy VII/Minigames/Snowboarding

Not much to say on the snowboarding... Follow the course... It doens't seem that bad if you crash into loads of things or no things or on the amount of baloons (correct this if it's wrong)

In the arcade which is where it's more helpful- after you get "great" (over 70 points) on the course you unlock a new course (The 3 courses being Beginner (A), Expert (B) and Crazy(C))

You get points depending on:

  The amount of ballons you collect (blue worth more than red, green worth more than blue)
  Amound of things you crash into (crash into as little things as possible)

Can be very helpful for raking up the GP in the gold saucer, then again the GP award from it can be weird so you'd be safer going with something like the submarine game or possibly Chocobo Racing...