Final Fantasy VII/Minigames/Snowboarding

In the snowboarding minigame, the goal is to get from the top to the bottom of one of three courses while collecting balloons and avoiding obstacles.

If you manage to get a "great" ranking (over 70 points) on one of the coures you will unlock a new course (The 3 courses being Beginner (A), Expert (B) and Crazy(C)).

Your points are effected by the following:

  • Ballons - Blue ballons give you more then red, green more then blue.
  • Time - The longer you take the less points you will earn
  • Control - For every object you crash into, you will lose points.

Snowbarding can be very helpful for raking up the GP in the gold saucer, then again the GP award from it can be unpredictable so you'd be safer going with something like the submarine game or possibly Chocobo Racing.