Final Fantasy VII/Minigames/Motorcycle chase

The motorcycle minigame is crucial in the escape of Midgar. You begin with an FMV of Cloud stealing a Shin-Ra motorcycle, and riding it through the building, while the rest of the party obtains a truck by similar means. Cloud flies out a window, and the truck follows as all characters end up on the Midgar highway. Shin-Ra motorcycle guards and highway patrol soon appear on the scene and the minigame starts. Be careful, as eachmember of your party gets hit on the highway, they lose some of their HP. At the end of this game, you encounter the Motorball boss. Once you reach the Gold Saucer, you can replay this game as many times as you want for 100 Gil.


Button Action
[MENU] Access the menu (only at the beginning of the minigame)
[OK] Slash right with Cloud's sword.
[CANCEL] Choose party (only at the beginning of the minigame)
[SWITCH] Slash left with Cloud's sword.
[DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS] Move in desired direction.



The objective of this game is to destroy all the opposing guards either by slashing them, ramming them into the guard rails, or letting them crash into their fallen comrades. This is to be done while trying to avoid collisions between the enemies and your party. This game ends when you reach the fallen sector.

After the minigame


After the original minigame ends, you encounter the Motorball boss.

Motor Ball
Lv: 19, HP: 2600, MP: 120, Weaknesses: Lightning, Strong against: Gravity, Fire, Absorbs: -
This is the last boss in this escape attempt. The only hard thing about the fight is that the motorcyclists might have managed to inflict some damage on the party members. Apart of that, hammering the thing with Bolts should work wonders. You barely need the healing. Be careful, this battle begins as a Back Attack. Simply tap the run away buttons to look right at the boss before his initial attack.

After the conclusion of the battle, you get to see the excellent view of Midgar, and a rope dangling from the end of the highway. The group climbs down the rope, and ends up on the outskirts of Midgar. You then form a party and head on over to Kalm.