Final Fantasy VII/Minigames/Basketball Game

This minigame is located just to the right of the front door of the arcade section of Wonder Square. The goal is quite simple: For 200 gil each game, you can make as many shots into the basket as you can... as long as you don't miss any. This sounds much easier than it actually is, but the rewards are worth it.

For each basket that you score you get 1gp for it and another shot. Thus if you score 2 baskets; you get 2 gp... 3 baskets; 3 gp... and so on. But when you reach shot 10, it gives you the option to double or 1gp your total. If you make your shot, you go straight up to 20gp, and then you continue from there. When you hit your 20th shot, it again asks you to double or 1gp your total; thus pushing you up to 60gp at that point.

The following is the amounts that you can "shoot" for:

  • 1 - 10, then double
  • 21 - 30, then double
  • 61 - 70, then double
  • 141 - 150, then double and so on...

In the PlayStation Classic, you can use the save state cheat feature should they miss the basketball hoop, they can start over until they succeed. They can get a total of 300 GP.