Final Fantasy VII/List of things that are easy to miss

This module intends to have list of things that have to be done at certain parts of the game, or items that are only available at certain parts of the game and have to be picked up at that point or they'll be missed for good.

Shin-Ra Headquarters


There's two ocassions to go here. Better take them on either visit.

  • One of Turtle's Paradise posters.

Chocobo jockey room

  • Ramuh materia

Great Glacier and Gaea's Cliff


These items at the Great Glacier aren't permanently missable, though they're not available for another grab for quite a while if you miss them at the beginning of CD2.

  • Alexander materia

The following are permanently missable, since they reside on the Gaea's Cliff, which means they can be only got at the beginning of CD2:

  • Ribbon (Ribbons are extremely rare, so it pays to get this one. See Things to Collect.)

Temple of the Ancients


Most of the items, especially the Morph materia which can be found only here.

Yuffie's home

  • One of the Turtle's Paradise posters.