Final Fantasy VII/Game controls

General edit

The game uses the following controls. PC version refers to the controls with their labelled names, the PS version uses button symbols (for most part, anyway, there are still some slips in it that show labels instead).

Button Explanation
Directional buttons These move the lead character and the pointer in the menus.
[PgUp] / [PgDn] Move the pointer up or down one page in the menus, or rotate view in world map. Hold down both to escape from battles.
[Camera] Changes camera angle on the overworld map.
[Target] Changes camera angle on the overworld map. In combat, shows targeting aid.
[Assist] Outside of combat, shows a hand pointer above lead character's head, and shows exit markers. In combat, toggles target name window.
[Switch] Toggle between Equip and Materia screens. In combat, makes the command menu disappear temporarily so you can check your barrier gauges.
[Menu] Opens the menu.
[OK] Confirm choice in menus. Attempt to use/activate the item in front of the character (open chests, climb ladders, etc), or talk to an NPC.
[Cancel] Back one level in menus, or close the menu in question. Outside of the menus (but not in the overworld), hold down to make the character run.
[Start] In world map, changes map display. Pauses during battle.

Controls on different systems edit

Button PlayStation PC (Number Pad)
[OK] Circle [Enter]
[Menu] Triangle [+]
[Cancel] Cross [0/Ins]
[Switch] Square [Decimal/Del]
[Start] Start [5]
[Assist] Select [-]
[PgUp] L1 [9/PgUp]
[PgDn] R1 [3/PgDn]
[Camera] L2 [7/Home]
[Target] R2 [1/End]

Specific controls edit

Specific controls are (or will be), for most part, listed in the minigame articles. The ones that won't should be listed here.