Final Fantasy Mystic Quest/Characters/Benjamin

Benjamin is the main protagonist of the game. When the game starts, he is climbing up a mountain where his village used to be. At the summit, he encounters the old man. After a brief conversation, a monster attacks which Benjamin easily defeats.

He is the only character who has multiple weapons. These range from Swords Axes Bombs and Claws. He is also the only character who gets upgrades to his weapons and Armour at various points in the game. For example he receives the bombs from Tristem in the sand caves and gets an upgrade (the Jumbo bombs) from Phoebe later in the game.

Once Benjamin obtains a new weapon or armour it is automatically equipped and previous versions of the weapon can no longer be used. For example after getting the battle axe Benjamin can no longer use the standard axe. As Benjamin gains levels his weapons (except for the bombs) increase their attack power, e.g. from attack power 20 to attack power 24





For the Most part of the game, Axes are the strongest weapons.

  • Axe: the first grade, it is obtained in the Level Forest area.
  • Battle Axe: this upgraded axe does a lot more damage than the axe (about 1.5 more)
  • Giants Axe: the strongest axe, it is the second strongest weapon in the game (After Excalibur.)